“How’s Married Life?”


Everyone keeps asking me this question. As of Sunday, I’ll have been married to the most incredible woman on this planet for a full month! So how is it?

Tessa McKnight


Yes, that is a word. Because I said so; that’s why.

Seriously, marriage is fantastic, just like God promised.

Whoever finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor of Yahweh. (Proverbs 18:22, WEB)

Speaking of my amazing wife, did you know that Tessa McKnight blogs too? Here are some excerpts from her latest post, about Christians, cultural relevance, and submitting to one another in love.

Cultural Relevantism

There are good parts of culture along with many, many bad parts of culture. Today our culture is largely based around technology which isn't a bad thing at all as long as it's used correctly. On the flip side, technology is one of the most destructive things out there if it's used in the wrong way. For many things, it's all in how you go about making them profitable. …

While both you and I can be walking with the Lord and seeking Him in all things, we may still have differences in what is and is not okay. To me wearing jeans is perfectly fine, while to you perhaps it is not. To me listening to contemporary Christian music is fine, while to you perhaps it isn't. Even something like shopping at WalMart or drinking Starbucks may not be acceptable for you while it is for me. It is okay to have differences and each of these things can be dealt with in a way that is pleasing and honoring to God while both of us are honoring Him and walking in the path He has us walking.

One thing that I think is super important is the fact that both sides need to be open and willing to, yes, you guessed it - change. I have friends who only wear skirts because they are convicted that that is what is correct for them. They still associate with me, we still hang out, we still talk and are truly great friends! … Being willing to change is important, though, because God could be using your friends with different opinions to change yours. It's important to always be open to opposing opinions and to hear them, their reasons and their thoughts out before you dismiss it, while of course being sure to line things up with the Bible and much, much prayer.

Head over to her site, TessaMcKnight.com, to read her full post, and be sure to subscribe to her feed.