Martyr Monday


I posted earlier about the possibility of persecution in America. But let’s face it. We really have no idea what persecution is. Not yet.

Hundreds of thousands of believers throughout the years have faced persecutions far worse than anything we Americans are likely to ever see in our generation. But many of their stories have been recorded. I believe it is important to know what our brothers and sisters have gone through and to see the bravery with which they went to their deaths for Christ.

Martyr Monday

With that, I highly recommend that you follow Matt Papa’s blog, particularly for his “Martyr Monday” segment. Every Monday, Matt shares more stories of those who truly gave their all for the sake of the one who paid it all. I have found these posts to be hugely convicting yet encouraging, and I believe you will as well.

Today, he told us about the believers in Madagascar during the early 1800s.

“Will you worship the Queen’s gods?” the soldiers asked each Christian hanging over the precipice.

Each Christian answered, simply, “Christ.”

Your Kingdom Come




The ropes were cut, and they plunged to the rocks.

Matt Papa is also one of my favorite Christian musicians. Unlike most of what you’ll hear on “Christian” radio, his songs contain tremendous theological depth, while still being quite catchy and enjoyable to sing. Matt preaches through song the need to live what we believe. Check out some of his music.

What Do You Think?

Would you die for Jesus? Do you live for him? Don’t answer those questions here. Just answer them for yourself. If your answer is no, I would invite you to reconsider what it is you are living—and dying—for.

Have you heard of Matt Papa before? Do you enjoy his music?