What I Want from You on This Blog

I want you.

You didn’t really think I was going to let you get away with being a passive reader, did you? It’s no fun blogging all by myself. I want to build a community around this.

I want us to all participate in mutual edification. I want to see you living out the Christian faith and truly being the church. Remember, biblical knowledge is good, but it is utterly useless if never put into practice.

Yesterday, I gave you my seven promises for this blog. In return, I have just a few things to ask of my readers. Help me with the following seven requests:

  1. I ask you to read carefully and discerningly, correcting me with Scripture if I go astray.
  2. I ask you to apply to your life anything I teach that is biblical.
  3. I ask you to add to the conversation in the comments below.
  4. I ask you to let me know of any topics you would like to see covered here.
  5. I ask you to share posts you like on Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere, using the buttons below.
  6. I ask you to let me know about your own blogs, and let others know about Being Filled.
  7. I ask you to seek the Spirit’s guidance in all that you do.

Keep following the blog and participating. Subscribe if you haven’t already. And be watching closely, as I’m thinking about doing a giveaway sometime soon.