I Blame Traditions

A Cathedral

I want to highlight an excellent post by Alan Knox today. The title is a mouthful, but it’s well worth the read. “Unity – like love – is part of God’s nature – but not always part of God’s children: Why do God’s children struggle so much to demonstrate that unity – or love?” In it, he wrote the following:

The problem is not with our traditions or their traditions. The problem is not with our hierarchy or their hierarchy. The problem is not with our denomination or their denomination. The problem is not with our system of theology or their system of theology.

The problem is with submission to God as his child and living in the power of the Spirit in order to demonstrate the nature of God – which includes unity with God and unity with his children.

I have studied a lot about ecclesiology, and thus I see just how many problems are caused by the traditions of man. We have strayed so very far from Jesus’ original intention for the church. We have added on all manner of institutions, and positions, and services, and buildings which have nothing to do with being the church.

However, I must always remember that these man-made traditions are not truly the problem. As much as I may want to blame them, they are just an outpouring from the true problem, which is man’s heart. We do not want to submit to the Spirit’s guidance.

It is our lack of submission to the Spirit that brought about these divisive traditions, not the other way around. If we followed the Spirit’s leading, we would have unity. Alan, thank you for this reminder.