More on the Church as a Puzzle


My recent post comparing the church to a puzzle has generated a lot of feedback. Donald Borsch Jr. expanded on the idea at his blog, The Unapologetic Prophet. And Alan Knox reposted my observations at his blog, The Assembling of the Church.

I thank you both, and I thank also the many who have commented.

One of the commenters, David Bolton, let me know of a similar analogy he had previously written about. You can read his posts on the subject, “The Puzzle of Puzzles” and “The Pieces—Living and Lenticular” at his blog, Christ Centered Christianity. He took this analogy much further than I have, and his thoughts are well worth reading.

Since posting my initial observations, I have thought of a few more. I’ll go ahead and add them here.

  • Every piece looks different from the others, and there’s a good reason for that.
  • All the pieces are specifically designed to fit together.
  • The pieces are all placed on the same plane—none are placed above any others.
  • The pieces do not assemble the puzzle!

What other observations could you make regarding this analogy?