Happy Reformation Day


On this day 495 years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg. (Well, actually the nailing-to-the-door bit is probably legend.)

Nonetheless, he did deliver his theses, which outlined the problems he saw with the church of his day.

It was a bold move, and it had a huge impact in the Protestant Reformation. Many changes for the better occurred as a result of his actions.

New Blog: Christian Books Free

Christian Books Free

I hinted yesterday about some exciting news regarding “Free Books Monday.” I can now tell you that it has become a separate blog of its own!

Check it out at www.christianbooksfree.com.

I was really having fun with the “Free Books Monday” posts, but many of the books I found were expiring before Monday came around.

With a separate blog, every free book I find will have its own post right away. And the free books won’t be cluttering this blog any more.

Be sure to subscribe to the new site if you want updates about free Christian books. You can also follow Christian Books Free on Twitter and Facebook for quicker notifications.

Broken Window and Stolen Purse

It’s Free Books Monday! Well, sort of. Actually, I have very exciting news about that, but I’m running short on time, so you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow.

For now, I’ll give a brief update on weekend happenings. On Friday, our car window was smashed in, and Tessa’s purse was stolen. Here’s an excerpt from her blog post about it.

Remember that post I wrote a few days ago about giving to everyone who asks of us? Yeah...well, that came to mind too. While this person didn't exactly ask, they went ahead and helped themselves to what they thought they needed. I can't say what their intentions were - for drug use or otherwise, but I do know that what God wants me to realize through this whole thing.

Insurance vs. Assurance

Piggy Bank

I’m probably going to step on a lot of toes with this post. I apologize for that, but I do hope you will prayerfully consider what I have to say.

My place of employment was visited this morning by a man selling life insurance.

I don’t begrudge my employers for allowing him to come and present his case. However, his handling of Scripture in an attempt to validate life insurance was inexcusable.

Free Books Monday! (October 22, 2012)


Update: “Free Books Monday” has moved to a separate blog with daily updates. Check it out at www.christianbooksfree.com!

I’ve scoured the Internet to find you these free books for the week.

I do not endorse any of the books listed here. It is quite possible that I strongly disagree with them. They simply represent the free books I have found that seem like they might be of interest to some. Since I have not read them yet, I could be wrong.

The book descriptions are taken from their pages on Amazon.

These books are usually free for a limited time only. Grab them right away if you’re interested.

What about the Other Great Commissions?


I’ve often wondered where we get the idea that Matthew 28:19–20 represents the “great commission.”

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19–20, HCSB)

Free Books Monday! (October 15, 2012)


Update: “Free Books Monday” has moved to a separate blog with daily updates. Check it out at www.christianbooksfree.com!

I’m going to try something new.

I’ve talked before about how to get almost any book free. But many of the best ways to find free books take some work.

Since I’m already doing the work to keep up with free books, I figure I might as well summarize the best findings here on my blog for your convenience.

Please note that I am in no way endorsing any of the books listed here. These simply represent free books I have found that seem like they might be of interest. Since I have not read them yet, I could be wrong.

Those Other Teachings by Jesus on Money


Jesus had a lot to say about money. I’ve previously examined these things on several occasions.

The overall thrust of Jesus’ teachings on money is this. Don’t worry about it. Trust in God. Seek his kingdom. He will provide all you need.

That said, there were a few other things Jesus said that could appear to contradict the straightforward teachings he gave elsewhere.

What if Ministries Stopped Asking for Money?


First, what this is not: I’m not in any way attepmting to condemn or speak ill of ministries that do ask for money.

What this is: Just a thought I’ve been pondering on. That’s all.

What if every ministry that bears the name “Christian” simply stopped asking for money?

What would happen?

The Plan Bible (Book Review)

The Plan Bible

This is unlike any chronological Bible you’ve seen before!

Jeff Swanson spent over 20 years developing The Plan: The Chronology of God's Word from Creation to Completion, and the result is quite intriguing.

You’ve no doubt at least heard about Bibles that have been arranged chronologically. But this one goes much further than I have seen in any other examples.

Everything Is Chronological

Rather than just moving the passages around, The Plan meticulously places every single verse in Chronological order.

Understanding the Church, God, and Each Other

Family Room

One of my favorite blogs is The Assembling of the Church by Alan Knox. If you’ve followed my blog for any period of time, you know that I reference his blog a lot.

Earlier today, he tweeted a link to a series of posts he wrote a few years ago that define the church through our relationships with God and each other.

Alan very clearly laid out the foundation for understanding what the church is, how the church should meet, and what the church should be doing.

What Does It Mean to Love One Another?


This post is link three in a chain blog initiated by Alan Knox on the topic of “one another.”

Alan started us off by describing the mutuality of these reciprocal pronouns. Then Swanny reminded us of the universality of the command to love one another.

Who Must We Love?

When Jesus affirmed the command to love your neighbor as yourself, he specified that “your neighbor” includes even Samaritans.