Broken Window and Stolen Purse

It’s Free Books Monday! Well, sort of. Actually, I have very exciting news about that, but I’m running short on time, so you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow.

For now, I’ll give a brief update on weekend happenings. On Friday, our car window was smashed in, and Tessa’s purse was stolen. Here’s an excerpt from her blog post about it.

Remember that post I wrote a few days ago about giving to everyone who asks of us? Yeah...well, that came to mind too. While this person didn't exactly ask, they went ahead and helped themselves to what they thought they needed. I can't say what their intentions were - for drug use or otherwise, but I do know that what God wants me to realize through this whole thing.

~I need to realize that nothing in this life is ours. Personal or otherwise. It's all God's, and he can give it to us or allow it to be taken away at any time.

~I need to remember to think of others before I think of myself. My immediate thoughts were all about the wrong that had been done to me. Not the desperate state of the human being that broke and stole something that wasn't theirs.

~I need to be so focused on God that my first thought it to stop and praise him for his everlasting goodness, pray for the person who has done the wrong, and thank God for his protection.

I encourage you to read the full post.

I love my wife so much!