What if Ministries Stopped Asking for Money?


First, what this is not: I’m not in any way attepmting to condemn or speak ill of ministries that do ask for money.

What this is: Just a thought I’ve been pondering on. That’s all.

What if every ministry that bears the name “Christian” simply stopped asking for money?

What would happen?

Jesus said not to worry about provisions. He said simply seek God’s kingdom, and all these things will be added.

Wouldn’t that apply to bigger ministries as well?

If a ministry truly is seeking God’s kingdom and doing his will, would he not provide for its financial needs?

And if a ministry is not seeking God’s kingdom or not doing his will, would it not be better for it to run out of funds?

Again, I’m not trying to say that all ministries necessarily should stop seeking funding. It could well be that God actually has called some to seek donations as part of seeking the kingdom.

But the longer I live and the more I see God provide, the more I realize that true provisions of God do not generally come through requests for money.

God knows everything we need. When he sees one of his children in need, he prompts another child to provide.

Does God really need fundraisers?