Understanding the Church, God, and Each Other

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One of my favorite blogs is The Assembling of the Church by Alan Knox. If you’ve followed my blog for any period of time, you know that I reference his blog a lot.

Earlier today, he tweeted a link to a series of posts he wrote a few years ago that define the church through our relationships with God and each other.

Alan very clearly laid out the foundation for understanding what the church is, how the church should meet, and what the church should be doing.

I could not explain it any better than he did, and I cannot recommend enough that you read through his four articles.

  1. The Church: It All Begins With God
  2. The Church: God’s Children and God’s Family
  3. The Church: The Character of God’s Family
  4. The Church: When We Gather Together

Here is an excerpt from what Alan has to say.

The church starts with God. The church exists because we are God’s children and God’s family. The activities that happen when we gather occur because as God’s children we demonstrate God’s character.

In the epistles, we often see Paul or Peter or James or whoever exhorting the church. Primarily, the purpose of these exhortations was to demonstrate how the people were not demonstrating God’s character in their own lives and as family. This would include demonstrating God’s character to others and demonstrating God’s character to one another.

So, how we act when we gather together is important. But, how we act when we gather together is a reflection of our relationships with God. We do not act a certain way because we are church together. We are church together because we are all part of the family of God. When we are acting as God’s family, we are also relating to one another properly.

The church is a family. God is our Father, and we are brothers and sisters in Christ. We must think of the church in terms of these relationships.

Be sure to actually stop by Alan’s site and read his posts.

What Do You Think?

Does it help your understanding of the church to frame it in this manner?