One Perfect Life by John MacArthur (Initial Book Review)

One Perfect Life

[Update: I have now received my copy of the book and written a full review.]

Have you ever used one of those harmonies of the Gospels? You know, where Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are all arranged chronologically and placed together in parallel columns? A Gospel harmony is a great resource for studying the life of Christ. But it’s not all that great if you just want to read straight through it.

But what if all four Gospels were actually woven together in a single narrative? What if we could see every detail the Four Evangelists included without all of the duplicated information? What if we could read the complete account of Christ Jesus in one flowing narrative from start to finish?

What Does it Mean to Take God’s Name in Vain?


I received the following question from my cousin Matt:

I’ve got a question for you. I’ve always heard churches and pastors making a big deal about not saying “Oh my God” as it is taking the Lord’s name in vain which is sin. I’m just wondering if that actually is correct as God’s name isn’t God but Yahweh. So it seems to me that what should not be said is “Oh my Yahweh.” Just wondering what you think about the matter.

This is a great question! God’s name is indeed Yahweh. (If you have not seen it yet, please read “The Curious Case of God’s Missing Name” before continuing.) The word god is actually more of a title and description than it is a name.

So what is this command getting at?

Waiting on God


I tend to be a New Testament guy. It’s not that I think the Old Testament is any less inspired or profitable than the New; it’s just that I usually find more application from my own dispensation.

But the lesson God is currently teaching me is one found repeatedly throughout those writings before the incarnation.

Wait for Yahweh.
Be strong and let your heart show strength,
and wait for Yahweh. (Psalm 27:14, LEB)

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