Free Combined Account of the Gospels

All About Jesus

I recently reviewed John MacArthur’s excellent resource, One Perfect Life, in which he combines the four Gospel accounts together into a single flowing narrative. I also mentioned Johnston Cheney’s similar work, Jesus Christ: The Greatest Life Ever Lived, which has tremendously helped my studies on the life of Christ. I even tried my hand and doing a similar combined account myself for the six denials of Peter.

Well, I just discovered another similar effort. All About Jesus, compiled by Roger Quy, is intended to make an easy reading experience through the Gospels. With that in mind, it uses the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) as the base text, and leaves out the references to book, chapter, and verse (however, a chart at the end shows where all the references fit). There are also explanatory footnotes at the end of the book.

I have not gone through this myself yet, but it seems like it could be yet another excellent resource. And right now it’s free for Kindle! I’m not sure how long the promotion will last, so be sure to grab it right away.

Once you’ve read it, let me know what you think of it in the comments below. Have you checked out MacArthur’s or Cheney’s compilations yet? What did you think of them?