Reminder: The Government Does Not Own Marriage


Recently, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was ruled to be unconstitutional. This basically means that states have the ability to allow same-sex marriages.

For some reason, a lot of Christians are upset by this. Honestly, that’s perplexing to me.

Do we really believe that the government has the right to define marriage? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that marriage is actually a covenant before God, not the government.

Sure, the government tries to recognize marriages for tax purposes and all that. But the government is unable to decide whether two people are truly married or not.

Only God can do that.

Besides, the government’s idea of marriage has not matched God’s standard for a long time.

According to the government, anyone can break a marriage at any time by getting a divorce. According to God, marriage is permanent until death.

According to the government, consenting adults can do whatever they want, whether they are married or not. According to God, sex is a gift to be enjoyed only between a man and a woman who have made the covenant of marriage together.

The definition of marriage has never changed, and it never will, because God does not change. With that in mind, the idea that God needs us to pass a law to defend marriage is frankly absurd.

God owns marriage, and he is perfectly capable of defending it himself without the help of the government.