Why I Believe in a Personal God

Sun Rays

I’m explaining why I believe what I believe. Please read my introductory post if you have not done so already.

I previously explained why I believe in the supernatural, but that’s not very specific, is it? In this post, I’m going to explain why I believe in something more than a cosmic force. I believe in a personal God.

I believe this personal God created the world and continues to uphold it and interact with it.

My arguments for the foundational beliefs leading up to this one—absolute truth and the supernatural—have been primarily based on logic. The belief in a personal God, however, is based largely on personal experience. Thus I don’t expect this post to be one that will persuade any skeptics. Still, this is my answer.

In Romans 1:21, Paul told us that those who reject God do so even though they know he exists. That’s because God has shown himself to us, as Paul also stated a few verses earlier. Men can certainly convince themselves against God’s existence, but they do so despite his clear revelation of himself to them.

I believe that what Paul said is correct. At the very least, I know that God has made himself known to me. There have been no signs or wonders in my case. There is just a deep-seated peace and assurance in my soul.

Then I look at creation. I can’t describe it better than David already did.

The heavens declare the glory of God;
the sky displays his handiwork.

Day after day it speaks out;
night after night it reveals his greatness.

There is no actual speech or word,
nor is its voice literally heard.

Yet its voice echoes throughout the earth;
its words carry to the distant horizon. (Psalm 19:1–6, NET)

I simply cannot look at this world with its complexity and grandeur and believe that it all came about by random chance. The whole universe is a piece of art—the work of a master artist.

Furthermore, I have seen God at work in my own life. He has answered my prayers and directed my steps more times than I could begin to count.

Certainly, those who choose not believe in God can come up with natural explanations for any of these things. But for me, I cannot accept the idea that they are mere coincidences.

However, the concept of a personal God is still not very specific. What I have described thus far could account for any number of different religious beliefs.

But these religions contradict one another. And since I believe in absolute truth, I must hold to one in exclusion to the others. They cannot all be true.

My next post will begin to explain my most important belief. I hope you will continue following along at least until then.

For now, what do you think of a personal God? Does he exist? Have you experienced this God?

Why do you believe what you believe?

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