Why I Believe in the Supernatural


I’m explaining why I believe what I believe. Please read my introductory post if you have not done so already.

I previously explained why I believe in absolute truth. That serves as a foundation for this next tier. I believe in the supernatural.

The entire spectrum of beliefs can be divided into two basic categories. The first category insists that the natural world is all there is. The second category allows for that which is outside of nature and thus not bound by natural laws—the supernatural.

(Technically, there is a third category. Agnosticism is the belief that it isn’t possible to know if the supernatural exists.)

There are two major facts that cause me to believe in the supernatural.

The first fact is the existence of the universe.

Because I believe in absolute truth, I believe that nothing is truly random. So nothing can come from nothing. Everything that exists must have had a cause for its existence. This is called the law of cause and effect, and it must include the universe itself.

If we took the big bang theory for granted (which I do not), it would not explain the ultimate cause of the universe. Even if the big bang did occur, then something must have caused it, and something must have caused that, and something must have caused that, ad infinitum.

For a natural universe to exist, it must of necessity have a supernatural cause.

The second fact is the origin of life.

The law of biogenesis proves that living things can only come from other living things. Similar to how nothing can come from nothing, no life can come from non-life.

Living things do exist. Therefore, they must have always come from other living things. But since the universe is not infinite, life too must of necessity have a supernatural cause.

Many people will respond to these arguments by saying that the supernatural is simply a cop-out answer for things we don’t yet understand. But that isn’t true.

The existence of the universe and the origin of life are not simply facts for which we do not yet have an explanation. Rather, they are facts that actually contradict proven laws of nature, namely the law of cause and effect and the law of biogenesis.

I could cite the existence of thought and the complexity of the eye as two facts for which we do not currently have a sufficient natural explanation. However, their existence does not actually contradict any known natural laws, thus they are not actually proofs for the supernatural.

However, because life and the universe do exist, and because their existence contradicts natural law, the explanation must be a supernatural one. Only that which is not bound to natural law can override natural law to cause something from nothing or to cause life from non-life.

This is not a cop-out. It is a logical certainty.

Many people will then respond by asking where the supernatural came from. But that’s the whole point. If it’s supernatural, it is not bound to the laws of nature. Therefore, it does not need to have a cause.

At this point, I have only shown why I believe in the existence of the supernatural. This does not by itself prove the existence of God. But I will get to that soon.

For now, what do you think of the supernatural? Does it exist? Is it a valid explanation?

Why do you believe what you believe?

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