Why I Believe What I Believe


I recently wrote about the distinction between what I call “pure apologetics” and “expanded apologetics.”

In this series of articles, I am going to engage in my own pure apologetics. That is, I am going to provide a basic explanation for why I believe what I believe. I will start with my foundational understanding of reality and move step by step up to the specifics of my faith.

The answers I give will not be intended to cover every detail or to furnish a final conclusive proof of Christianity. Some of my answers will include elements of expanded apologetics, while others will be based on my own experience.

Furthermore, my answers will be different from the answers many others would give. Believers need not all hold to their beliefs for the same reasons.

My hope for this series is that it will make you think about your own beliefs. Whether or not you agree with my personal beliefs or my own reasons for believing them, I hope you will be able to explain why you believe what you believe.

Along the way, feel free to share your own reasons for believing or disbelieving what I present.

“Why I Believe” Series