We’re Moving to Washington!

Washington State

For those who may not have heard yet, I had to resign from my job at Answers in Genesis several months ago. To make a long story short, I’ve come to believe that conditional immortality is the most biblical position regarding the eternal fate of unbelievers. Unfortunately, this position goes against one phrase in AiG’s statement of faith, so I was not allowed to continue there.

To hear the longer version of my story, listen to the interview Chris Date did with me on the Rethinking Hell podcast.

Since leaving my job, it has been an interesting experience in unemployment. I worked several small contract jobs to keep my family fed, but it was ultimately all up to God’s provision. And our God is faithful, is he not?

About a week ago, I received an offer for a full-time job at Logos Bible Software. This is a dream job for me! The only problem is that it’s all the way in Washington State, and I’m currently in Kentucky.

The moving process is underway, and I think we’re going to make it, but if my posting here has slowed down for a while, that’s why.

To all who already knew about our situation and have been praying, thank you! Prayer truly is powerful. Our God is good, and he provides.