The New Covenant by Bob Emery (Book Review)

The New Covenant

The New Covenant is a collection of three historical novels by Bob Emery which were originally published separately. In this volume they are labeled as parts titled “The Messenger,” “The Message,” and “The Marriage: The Final Revelation.” All three feature the Apostle John as the main character.

Part I follows John and Timothy as they tour Jerusalem and discuss the life and times of Jesus. Part II dramatizes the writing of the books of the New Testament by John and the other apostles. And in Part III, John spends an evening discussing the book of Revelation with a group of believers.

These are very unusual novels. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but they’re not what one would typically expect. They’re really commentaries as much as they are novels. While they do have loose storylines, those stories are really only there for the sake of the discussions, in which the characters present Bob Emery’s theology. This is not necessarily bad. It allows Bob to present his theology in a much more conversational manner than he could in a “normal” commentary. Just don’t expect it to flow like a “normal” story would.

As with any commentary, I found things I agreed with, and I found things I disagreed with. I learned some new things, and I read a lot of things I already knew. I won’t take the space to dissect all that in detail here, but I did enjoy and profit from the book as a whole.

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from SpeakEasy in exchange for an honest review.