The Day I Met Jesus by Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth (Book Review)

The Day I Met Jesus

Frank Viola is one of my favorite authors. By contrast, I had never read anything by Mary DeMuth before, but I figured she must be alright if Frank chose her as a coauthor. Baker Books Bloggers sent me a free copy of The Day I Met Jesus in exchange for an honest review.

If you’ve read Frank Viola’s earlier book, God’s Favorite Place on Earth (or if you remember me reviewing that one previously), you can expect a very similar format with this one. In fact, the two books fit so well together, it makes me wonder why Frank went with a different publisher this time. (David C. Cook published God’s Favorite Place on Earth, along with a number of other books from Frank Viola.) I’m probably just too perfectionistic, but it does bug me a bit that the two books don’t match on the shelf.

Like God’s Favorite Place on Earth, The Day I Met Jesus follows the stories of certain people who interacted with Jesus in the Gospels. Both books use the same pattern—each section includes a novel-like dramatization of a biblical account, then the biblical text itself, and then some exposition on the text. While God’s Favorite Place on Earth centered on a single household in Bethany, The Day I Met Jesus covers five separate women who met Jesus.

While I appreciate both books, I enjoyed Frank’s earlier effort quite a bit better. It just clicked more for me than this one did. The Day I Met Jesus seems to be more specifically targeted toward women, and the style of writing is rather more flowery than what I tend to read. This is not a complaint against the book; it’s just a personal preference.

I should also note that the material this book covers is more adult in nature—prostitution, adultery, etc. I don’t mean to say that there’s anything inappropriate in the book; Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth handled the subjects tastefully. Still, you might want to be aware of what you’re going to be reading about.

All in all, I did enjoy The Day I Met Jesus, and I’m happy to have read it. Pick up your own copy as a paperback or as a Kindle eBook. (As of my posting this, the Kindle version is on sale for just $2.99!)