I Don’t Know Where I Stand, but I Support Gays

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Before you start throwing stones, please read this carefully, and hear me out. What I’m going to say is likely to upset many on both ends of the spectrum, but I want you to at least understand what I’m saying if you’re going to disagree with me.

I don’t know where I stand.

Everywhere I look, I see people who appear to be absolutely certain that they know whether homosexuality is acceptable in God’s sight. I’m talking about fellow Christians—brothers and sisters in Christ who are equally committed to living out his love.

And you know what? They completely disagree with one another.

How to Redeem Psalm 137:9 (Smashing Children against Rocks) and Other Imprecatory Prayers


It is, without a doubt, one of the most disturbing verses in the Bible.

How blessed will be the one who grabs your babies and smashes them on a rock! (Psalm 137:9, NET)

It’s sickening! How could anyone even think of smashing innocent kids against a rock, let alone imagine being blessed for such an action?

How on earth could an inspired Bible include such a travesty? What’s going on here?

A More Christlike God

A More Christlike God

What is God like? Is he an angry deity, eager to pour out his wrath on sinners? Or is he a loving Father, seeking to save all of his lost children? And where do we look to determine what God is like? To the Bible, certainly, but to which parts of the Bible?

Do we look to Psalm 7:11–12, where “God is angry with the wicked every day,” and “If he does not repent, he will sharpen his sword”? Or do we look to 2 Peter 3:9, where God “is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance”?

Do we look to 2 Kings 1:10–12, where Elijah prayed, and “the fire of God came down from heaven and consumed” over a hundred men? Or do we look to Luke 9:54–55, where Jesus rebuked two of his disciples for suggesting such a thing?