My Biggest Problem with Homosexuality

Sermon on the Mount

My friend Keith Giles recently posted an article discussing homosexuality in the Bible. And I’ve previously shared a few thoughts on the subject myself.

But there’s one major issue that just keeps nagging at me—one problem I can’t seem to get around.

My biggest problem with homosexuality is love.

Let me explain. Jesus and the Apostles emphasized over and over again that love is the basis for everything, including every command God has given.

We sometimes get the impression that God arbitrarily prohibits things that offend him. But this could not be further than the truth! God always acts out of love, and his prohibitions always stem from love.

My Top 10 Scriptural Selections


Brad Jersak recently wrote about the biblical passages that are most prominent to him, and he challenged readers to make their own lists. His assignment was to pick just ten verses, but he found that he simply couldn’t do that, so he expanded on the original request.

I’m going to take up his challenge, but like Brad, I’m going to have to expand even further on the original request. Kind of. Actually, I’m going to end up with a mixed bag. Some of my prominent biblical selections will be verses that stand well on their own, others will be narratives that cannot be reduced to a verse, and others yet will be broader themes spanning multiple passages so that I cannot pick only one.